Sophia Soft Shell Jacket

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No more excuses. With the Sophia Softshell, you can train and compete in rain or shine, with extreme flexibility and temperature control. Read more

  • Material

    Weather resistant 100% softshell fabric to keep the wind and rain out.

  • Fit

    Reasonably fitted for a streamlined look.

  • Care

    Machine wash inside out at 30 (with biological detergent but without fabric softener). Air dry flat. Do not tumble dry.

You are storm forged

Dark clouds roll over. You stay, because nothing gets in the way of your journey. As the air gets thick with rain, you fight through; determined, satisfied, safe in the knowledge that while the others sit this one out, your shot is improving. You are improving. Always.

With Sophia, you'll stay

It's not about 'just doing something else'. That's not the point. It's about discipline, and sticking to your regime. The Sophia Softshell helps you stay disciplined by removing weather from the equation.

Ready to play brave?

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