Tour Technical Leggings

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Flexible, light and comfortable leggings with contrast stitching. Read more

  • Material

    Superlight and technical 86% polyester jersey, with 14% elastane for excellent stretch and comfort. Moisture wicking and breathable.

  • Fit

    Snug fit, tight to the body.

  • Care

    Machine wash inside out at 30 (with biological detergent but without fabric softener). Air dry flat. Cool iron if needed. Do not tumble dry.

Be your most agile self

You can always be more nimble. You can always be lighter on your feet. Your reactions can always be the flash of a synapse faster.

Faster, stronger, easier

Feel faster than ever with the Tour Leggings, designed to be ultra-light, ultra-flexible, and weather resistant, for more powerful play in any condition.

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