How being realistic can unlock lasting sporting success

How being realistic can unlock lasting sporting success

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What does it mean to set realistic goals in sport? Does it mean you can't aim to compete in a Grand Slam? Does it mean that you can't constantly strive to be a World Champion? We don't think it does. In fact, we think ambitious dreams can be key drivers towards sporting success. 

Being realistic is, however, knowing that these dreams don't happen overnight - and that you need to progress along a path of challenging but achievable and measurable goals - incremental steps - to be a little bit better tomorrow than you were today.

In the face of slipping New Year's resolutions, ask yourself the following:

  • How often do you go the extra yard?
  • How often do you push further, harder, stronger?
  • How often do you see yourself setting goals, and exceeding them? For example, think about Usain Bolt's twice conquered 100m World Record - just when people thought it couldn't be done any faster. 
  • How often do you fight through adversity? That includes getting up if you fall, and pushing through pain and overcoming injury when it counts the most.
  • How often do you perform at your best in the face of overwhelming odds? Consider Leicester City's brush with relegation in 2015, and incredible Premier League victory the following year. Or, who'd have thought that Denis Istomin could knock the Australian Open's mainstay, Novak Djokovic, from the competition?

Your goals are one thing. Your philosophy is another. The endorphin rush of a small but meaningful goal achieved, coupled with the PlayBrave mentality of determination, motivation, and resilience makes global dreams reachable ones. It makes adversity water off a duck's back. Challenge becomes part of the process. It makes your journey to greatness purposeful, satisfying, and pride-filled. 

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