The shield logo

The shield itself represents the protection that we all need from life’s daily challenges and from the elements.

The diagonal line through the shield represents all sports…

It could be the try line, the goal line, the base line, the perfect line to the 18th hole or the finish line at the end of a race… It could be the fine line between a goal and a save, an ace or a fault, the green or a bunker, victory or defeat…

The small circle or “boss” in the very centre of the shield represents right now, the immediate challenge, the very point you are competing for, the ball itself, the zone – and the absolute focal point of your maximum mental and physical effort.

The damage to the top edge of the shield represents the scars of life – and the reality that even the greatest champion cannot expect to go through life undefeated or unscathed.

On the contrary, greatness is forged from adversity and the pain of defeat.

Based upon ancient symbolism, the “chalice” shape ∨ at the bottom of the shield represents the sportswoman and the “blade” shape ∧ at the top of the shield represents the sportsman.

Every player needs a shield.


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