PlayBrave was first inspired by the icy chill of the Lake District in the peak of winter. Despite the conditions, our decision to wear considered, clever layers separated us from the elements, leaving us to enjoy the scenery freely, in warmth and comfort.

But it was a different story altogether back at our tennis club; the head coach could hardly swing his racket thanks to the bulky items he was wearing to stay warm and dry. We realised then that the world of sport was missing something: all-weather sports gear, designed to be layered without compromising your game.

Today, our business partners include The Queen’s Club, St. George’s Hill, Stoke Park and The Hurlingham Club  – some of the finest clubs in the world.

Our garments can be worn for various sports and we’re working hard to offer something a little bit special - a cut above the global sportswear brands - for people who don’t want to wear the ‘mass market uniform’, and who relate to our philosophy.

PlayBrave is a privately owned British company.

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