How do I wash my textile protective gear? + -
Always read the washing instructions on the care label of each item. Please note that our protective garments should not be tumble-dried. Drip dry for best results.
How do I keep my protective gear waterproofed? + -
We recommend Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On. Apply after a normal cool wash whilst drip drying to the exterior only. See: for further details. Application to the exterior will maintain the breathability of the interior membrane.
Can my jacket be repaired after a fall? + -
No. The integrity of the fabric or the protective pads cannot be guaranteed once damaged. Replace with a new jacket jacket from our range.
How do I get rid of oil and grease stains? + -
We only recommend a cool wash for our products. Any other cleaning products may damage the membrane inside the jacket and should not be used. Light brushing with a mild detergent such as diluted washing up liquid should be enough. Please note that hydraulic fluid, as used in your braking system, is highly toxic to you, the environment and your protective clothing.
When will I get my order? + -
We aim to process all orders within five working days of receiving payment. Our normal working days are Monday to Friday standard UK office hours (GMT). Orders received at the weekend or public holidays may take a little longer.
Who will deliver my order? + -
We use the Royal Mail as our delivery partner. Royal Mail uses different delivery partners depending on the Country for overseas deliveries. All deliveries must be signed for. Customs duties and local sales taxes are the responsibility of the customer.
How do I return an item? + -
You will need to follow our returns process and fill out the return request form [return form] to include in your package. Please note all returns must have a proof of postage.
Why do I need to fill in a returns form? + -
We want to improve your experience as a customer and can only do this with feedback. If our products did not meet your expectations, we need to understand why so we can do things better. Note monogrammed or customised items cannot be returned. Please look at our Terms & Conditions.
What do I do if something was missing from my package? + -
Contact us through our contact us page and we will sort it out.
I ordered from you but haven’t received anything. What do I do? + -
Check to make sure you paid for any items ordered and that you received an order number. Contact us through our contact us page and we will sort it out.
I think someone opened my package before it was delivered. What do I do? + -
Before accepting any package from any courier, check to see if it has been tampered with. Do not sign for any package that has been opened. If you have any concerns, don’t accept it and contact us immediately through our contact us page.