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Fitness & Workout Videos

Work out from home with PlayBrave's online fitness classes. These at home workouts will keep you fit and allow you to challenge your personal best everyday.

Workout Like An Olympian

Dumbbell & Body Weight Super Set

60 Seconds rest between exercises

Do as many reps as you like but try for at least 4.

Ultimate Arm Workout With Melissa Power

Grab Your Shopping Bags

No Equipment, No Excuses

Simple Bodyweight Workout With Holly Davidson

6 Exercises | Try To Do 3 Rounds

  • Knee To Elbow x20
  • Back Lunge To Knee Raise x10 each side
  • Standing Y x15
  • Burpee To ISO Squat x10
  • Plank Jacks x20
  • Warrior 3 Balance x10 each side

Zero Equipment Ab Workout with Jenny Francis

40 Seconds On 20 Seconds Off  | Try To Do 4 Rounds

  • Side Plank Thrusts
  • Flutter Kicks
  • V Sits
  • Quick Step To Knee Raises
  • Kneeling Side Crunches

Simple Home HIIT Workout

Grab 1 Dumbbell  | Try To Do 4-5 Rounds

  • Squat To Twisted Thruster
  • Single Arm Thrusters
  • Low Weighted Squat Jumps
  • Fast Feet
  • Squat To Bicep Curl

Ultimate Waist Training Workout

This super easy full body workout focuses on your middle to give you the snatched waist of your dreams.