PlayBrave Champion - Claire Fahey 

1. What’s the bravest moment of your career thus far?

In 2014 I challenged the establishment to play in the ‘mens’ game, and won. Based on my standard I was capable of playing with the men and in 2014 became the first female to play in a ‘Men’s Open’. Now I can play in all ‘Opens’ and hopefully in the future, more women will too.

2. What’s your favourite thing about your sport?

The unpredictability of our game. Even top professionals will see bounces and movements that are unexpected. Every time you step on court there is something new to learn.

3. If you could play any other sport professionally what would it be?

Padel - a relatively new sport, but growing rapidly. A great game, with ideal cross over to Real Tennis. Also, it would be nice to spend a bit of time in the sun...

4. Do you have any match day superstisions?

If it’s a big match, I will wear a brand new headband, fresh out the packet.

 5. What would be your top tip for amateur player to improve their game?

Get fit. Fitness is such a key component to sport. With improved fitness, comes better movement and without changing your technique or style, your game will improve.

6. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Socks! I go through 1 pair a set...

7. How do you celebrate your big wins?

Normally a delicious meal, in my favourite restaurant without the guilt!

8. Where do you get your mental strength from?

Self-belief. If you believe in yourself and your ability, skies the limit.

9. What’s your signature shot in the game?

A return of serve cut shot into the forehand corner. A punishing shot and a big weapon on return.

10. Who is the sportsman/woman that you most admire?

Any female athlete who can take a break in their career to have a child and then return to elite level. It’s the biggest achievement in my career to return to elite level post children.


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