We only design products that help you to play at your best. That means materials that suit your environment, cuts that offer freedom, and technologies that adapt to your body temperature. We also know that everyone’s different, and that the perfect size changes from person to person.

Here are just some of the ways we think differently about our products.

Liberation Cut & Zips

Our garments have been designed to give you the best possible freedom of movement. By positioning each panel to stretch and move with you, there’s no ‘pull’ effect on your swing,

and pre-bent elbow shaping and stretch panels on garments with long sleeves, there’s a much better natural finish to your shots.

You’ll find Liberation Zips under the arms of the Samson and Sophia Softshell Jackets. They allow for much better reach when serving or smashing, and also provide ventilation during play. Our Liberation Zip jackets are ideal for match play in poor weather conditions and the perfect mobile office for tennis coaches.

Merino Tennis Shirts

We combine merino wool from the mountains of New Zealand with our Liberation Cut to create comfortable, lightweight, thermo-regulating garments for exceptional softness and performance.

Sometimes, in place of merino, we use high-quality Portuguese performance synthetics, like elastane for its incredible stretch, and polyester for its water resistance. For individual specifications, please look at each product’s page.

High Performance Layering

PlayBrave was conceived because there were no technical layering options in sportswear. Layering up is the best way to take control of your body temperature in unpredictable weather conditions; it’s a technique that’s been used by outdoor enthusiasts for many years.

PlayBrave are pleased to offer a range of coordinated and complementary garments that are designed to be layered, so you’ve got no excuse not to keep your training regime up all year round.