Top Tips For Living More Sustainably

Top Tips For Living More Sustainably

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Heather Nicholson founded One Green Bottle in 2006 after a lengthy search for a drinks bottle for her son to take to school each day.  She has previously worked as an industrial chemist in Europe and Asia and was aware of the chemical composition of plastics and how readily compounds could leach into drinks. She identified 304 grade stainless steel as the most inert, safe and toxin free material around and started buying bottles and lunchboxes for friends and family.

Huge amounts of plastic single use bottles are thrown into landfill or our oceans each year. Plastic takes 500yrs to decompose but it does break down into plastic microparticles. We can all make a big difference by not buying single use plastic bottles.

Keep reading for Heather's top tips to easily live more sustainably.

1. Make the easy swaps – eg reusable coffee cups instead of disposables and stainless steel water bottles instead of single use plastic bottled water – choose reusables every time.

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 2. Take a bag everywhere – little scrunchie handbags sized ones are great for unexpected purchases.

3. Choose food with consideration – meat free days are a big win, reduce palm oil consumption.



 4. Switch lights off, save power where possible. Opt in for electricity monitors to see how you can save.

5. You don’t have to live like a monk to make massive improvements just prepare and practise the first 4 tips.


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