Top Tips To Stretch Safely

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Ensure that your body is nicely warmed up before you start stretching. Whether this be at the end of a workout or if you are just wanting to have a stretch session then you should warm your body up by doing a few anabolic exercises whether that be a few mins skipping, star jumps or any exercise that gets your heart rate up nicely.
Listen to your body. Some days we feel flexible some days we feel stiff... There are many factors that effect our bodies I.e the weather how hot or cold it is, what workouts we’ve been doing, etc etc etc. So stretch to how you are feeling that day!! Don’t feel disappointed if some days you can get deeper in poses than others. 
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Only stretch to your own level. We see all these crazy bendy poses on Instagram and yes we want to try them but everyone’s bodies work and bend differently so don’t go pushing yourself into any pose that your body is not yet ready for or you are just going to injure yourself. 
Use your breath to help you relax and breath deeper into a pose, if your mind and breathing is relaxed so will your muscles letting you breath into that pose that little bit deeper. 
stretch splits gymnast leggings playbrave
Gaining flexibility takes consistency and time so don’t put a time cap on it. Obviously like anything the more you do it the more progress you will see.
Written by Gemma Cheung
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